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Thursday, 4 May 2023

Integriti Version 23 has been released!!

Integriti  Version 23

Integriti V23 has arrived and adds a host of features to improve user management, system monitoring and operator authentication.

These new and updated features provide more options and opportunities for our integrator partners to explore with their customers.

Azure Active Directory Integration

Business and Corporate editions of Integriti software can now integrate with Azure Active Directory for user management.

Users are synchronised from Azure AD into the Integriti database creating new users, updating user properties, and optionally deleting users.

With both Full and Partial synchronisation modes, users are kept up to date without unnecessary network traffic.

Two-Factor Authentication

Integriti Operator Two Factor Authentication support has been expanded to include the DUO Mobile Authentication app as well as Microsoft and Google Authenticator, and general Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) authenticators.

Two factor authentication is simple to implement, improves the security of the Integriti system, and a cornerstone of modern cyber security.

System Changes and Warnings

An overhaul of the Integriti System Warnings makes trouble shooting a breeze in Version 23. Warnings are now displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard, grouping warnings by severity and type. Selecting a System Warning will show details about the warning, as well as recommended steps to resolve it.

To aid with trouble shooting, Integriti logs high level changes to the system architecture, such as installed Plugin version changes and Operating System and .NET version updates. These changes are logged for both workstations and the server, helping pinpoint any issues if they occur.

Firmware Updates

Integriti Version 23 has the latest Controller and Module firmware pre-loaded into the Firmware Update dialogue, making staying up to date even easier.

Future versions of Integriti will include the most recent firmware for all modules at the time of release. All firmware files can still be downloaded from the Inner Range Technician Portal.

Multi-Lingual Installations

To Improve the Integriti experience for international sites the Integriti translation toolkit has been updated. It now includes translation templates for Integrations and plugins, support for right-to-left languages, and language selection from the Operator Login window.

Different languages can be selected for each Integriti workstation and Integriti Server independent of the underlying Windows system language. Operators sharing a workstation can choose their preferred Client language from the login window.

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